In the whispers of the wind, I heard a tale,
A story of the march of time, so grand and frail.
From the dawn of stars to the twilight's last gleam,
Inevitable, the current of life's ceaseless stream.

Beneath the moon's soft gaze, the tides do dance,
In a rhythmic symphony, entranced by chance.
The sun must set, as sure as it will rise,
Inevitable, the cycle of goodbyes.

In the gardens of life, love's petals bloom,
But wilt they must, to make way for new.
The heartbeats of time, a metronome so wise,
Inevitable, the embrace of sweet goodbyes.

Seasons change, as the hands of time persist,
Each moment slipping through our desperate grip.
In laughter and tears, we weave our tale,
Inevitable, like footprints in shifting sands, so frail.

So let us cherish the beauty of life's brief song,
For in the dance of fate, we all belong.
The journey we share, as stars in the night,
Inevitable, the passage from darkness to light.

Francois Carrillo